ParkinsonVoice Spring 2014 - Volume 6, Issue 1

Spring 2014 Volume6, Issue1

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Parkinson’s AwarenessMonth Didyouknowoveronemillion Americansare livingwith Parkinson’sdisease; 17,000of them live inColorado; andapproximately 170 individuals in theU.S. are diagnoseddaily? Parkinson’s isdiagnosed six times moreoften thanMSand isoneof themost commonneurological diseases; secondonly toAlzheimer’s. Parkinson’sdisease isaprogressive anddebilitatingdisease thathas significant social andfinancial effects throughoutColoradoand theU.S. Didyoualsoknow thatApril is National Parkinson’sAwareness Month? TheParkinsonAssociation of theRockies is connectingwith our community to raise significant awarenessof Parkinson’sdiseaseas well as funding for theAssociation’s programsand serviceswhich havemeaningful impactson the qualityof life for thoseaffectedby Parkinson’sdisease. Checkoutpage 11 formore information.

TheImportanceofExercisefor Parkinson’sDisease BuildingtheMostEffectiveProgramforyou ByEricaDeMarch,MSPT,SouthValleyPhysicalTherapy

toexerciseandmayalso result in changes suchas fasterwalking speedand increased safetyon stairs. Individual goals suchas hiking, travelingand/or abetter golf gamewill beenhancedby consistent exercise. Youmayhave readorheard certain typesof exercise suchas Tai Chi, yoga, tango, cyclingor boxingarebeneficial forpeople withParkinson’sdisease. Research shows theyarebeneficial for various reasons. For example:

towalking. It challenges the balance systemswith stepping inmultipledirections, turning andbeingawareof yourpartner’s movementsandotherdancers on thedancefloor. It also improvespostural awarenessand coordination. Mobility: If youwant tobe loose, and stiffness limitsyour mobility, the stretchingand reciprocalmovements found inyogaand/orTai Chimay benefit you. Theybothwill make improvements inyour postureandbalancewithvarious positionsandweight shifting. Aerobic: If youwant to improve your aerobic capacity, boxing and/or cycling couldhelpyou. Boxing canalsohelpwithyour speedofmovement, reaction timeandbalance.

Oftenpeople tellme theyknow exercise is importantbutdonot knowwhat typeof exercise is the best for them. Others tellme they know it is importantbutdonot have themotivation toexercise. Exercise should changewhat you areable todoeachday. Itprovides moreenergy todo the things that aremeaningful toyou. Setting goalswill increaseyourmotivation

Skiing: if youwant to improve your turningwhile skiing, then youmayneed tofindanexercise that incorporatesweight shifting,

suchasTai Chi ordance. Walking: If youwant to

improveyourwalking, tango is one styleof dancemost similar

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